The Gem I have found on my wife’s birthday, January 8, 2014


On the eight of January twenty fourteen we did not stay at our home.

We were on our trip from a far province in the Northeast to Bangkok. The distance we plan to travel is 519 kilometers which is too long for us to finish it in one day. For this reason we have to take an over night break a t a hotel during our trip. We had a small Birthday celebration in a hotel in Nakhon Ratchasima province. On this important day I discovered  a gem in the hotel room.

It is another birthday gift for my lovely wife.

Happy Birthday To You, My Dear Naiyana.

Love You Always.

Love You Always.รูปภาพรูปภาพLove You Alwaysรูปภาพ.Happy Birthday To YOU my Dear Dang, Naiyana.


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