Nong Chang Phrae Wa Silk Fabric Center at Sam Chai District Near Lam Pao Dam



From the city of Kalasin Route # 227 takes you to Sahat Sakhan aka Amphoe Mai, a district where the kalasin dinosaur museum is situated. You travel pass Phu Kao, a famous temple that has got a fine church built from wood brought from under the water of Lam Pao Dam, and home of the famous reclining Buddha’s image that does not recline in a normal position of ordinary reclining Buddha images.

After the monastery you will come to a local outlet of fish from Lam Pao Dam. This is the road side market where you find fresh fish from fishermen and on a  fine day you are able to buy not only fish but also a variety of products from people in the vicinity of the Dam.


When you come to a junction called Pak Tang Sang Siew (ปากทางสร้างเสี้ยว), you take a left turn to Ban Phon Municipality. This local government  is under the administration of Amphoe Kham Muang, a district famous for its  Phu Thai cultural activities including the making of the renown Phrae Wa silk of Kalasin province.

You continue on  Route # 227 and arrive at a fine silk fabric center at about

DSC09206 (2)

75 kilometers from Kalasin.The centre is located in village number 3 or Moo 3 of Tambon Nong Chang, Amphoe Sam Chai. It is found on Ban Phon -Wang Sam Mor road just 4 kilometers from Ban Phon municipality office.

The centre has fine silk and various silk designs. The products are distributed by local Women’s Cloth Weaving Group of Nong Chang Sub-district which uses  raw materials in local production. There are several noted designs that utilized different hand weaving processes.

Fine silk or Pa Mai Phrae Wa  is the particular name adopted by Isan People and is worn as a shoulder covering or shawl of the Phu Thai people. Pha Mai Phrae Wa silk is often used in festivals, traditional ceremonies or important occasions.


Three basic types of Pa Mai Phrae Wa Silk  are:

1. Silk material that incorporates two colors. This type sell for 1,200 – 1,300 baht per sheet.

2. Silk design that uses many colors. This goes for 1,400 – 1600 baht per sheet.

3. Silk design that is exquisitely hand crafted and features intricate details. This type easily sells at 2,000 baht or more.

DSC09195 (2)

Besides silk fabric, the Center has cultural art information in the areas of supplies, materials, and various process of the Phu Thai and Isan (or Northeastern Thailand) people in the past.

It is open daily, and there is a Community Store Cooperative that provides a variety of services, including a traditional massage service.DSC09211 (2)

In addition to these services , there is a good small library run by the abbot of the temple in the village delivering education and development to youths and the general public.

Please come to visit us  and enjoy our other cultural activities in the area.


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