Driving is for show; putting is for dough!

It is one of my miracle performances.

I talked to my caddie I would show to the group of golfers on the tee of hole # 2  a high standard of my performance in golf. I would execute my first shot with a  high efficiency at hole # 8 par 3 which is the signature of this Bung Aram Golf in Yang Talat district, Kalasin province.

I had already told the caddie to give me the 5 wood club before we climbed up to the tee. The distance from the tee to the green, which is downward in the valley beyond the water obstacle,  is 173 yards. The wind at about half past four in the afternoon was almost stood still. To begin my first shot I stood still behind the ball visualizing the path of the ball flight. Then  I made an alignment of my body and the club face to the red flag on the green, imagining my best driving practice. During my pre-shot routine I felt I had to make a little adjustment to make sure my grip, my address set up were in better positions.


Finally,  I made an execution of my driving shot.  I was not able to see the ball clearly;  but I felt it was comfortable and easy and I heard the caddie said “good shot”. When we arrived at the green we saw the ball was on the green and it was about six yards away from pin.  While I was waiting for the putter,  I asked the caddie for her recommendation and she said, ” left, one hole and it is up”.  I made two pre-shot routine putts then  I took a final look at the hole and managed my best putt.

The direction and the weight were so perfect that it beautifully rolled into the pin.

It was a birdie!

“Have they been looking  at us”,  I asked my caddie!

Driving is for show; putting is for show, too.



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