Educational Administration Reform : Under The Bureaucracy

AN educational re-engineering proposal made by an educator reported this morning involves enhancing personal performance at an administrative level.

The proposal focuses on principles of educational administration excellence  looking into measures to enhance key personnel performance.EWEC under a construction and others 941

First, it suggests that key educational personnel at three structural levels of an educational area – the director,the principal and the teachers  is transformed so as a personality cum spirit of academic administrator can be inculcated. Directors of education areas, directors of schools and teachers must be able to display both technical  and interpersonal skills that are integral to an excellent educational performance.

For example, directors must be able to direct all activities necessary to key areas of success effectively. He must be able to manage educational performance which  not only about what the teacher does but also  about identifying an educational administrator’s role in improving performance.

EWEC under a construction and others 448

Second, school management with an emphasis on teacher’s’ performance must be brought into serious consideration. If you read Thairath Newspaper of July 21, 2014,you will see a list of activities recommended.

Third, several committees on educational administration at any educational area must be fully utilized. It is interesting to point out that there are three important committees in each area office. They are: Educational Administration Committee; Personnel administration subcommittee; Monitoring,Evaluation and Supervision Committee.

There must be measures to ensure these structural organizations are empowered , inspired and encouraged to perform their educational development functions effectively and creatively.

As far as the utilization of the committees is concerned, It is observed that in some educational area offices  an internal committee comprising of sole full time school directors is established alongside this existing body.

EWEC under a construction and others 402

These are proposals reported in Thairath Newspaper today.They are about what to do; But how to do would be more difficult.

You will also have to read this report together with a report on an investigation of illiteracy of grade six students in Samut Sakhon which listed causes of the problem.There is no mention made about incompetency of educational personnel and educational administrators or lack of involvement from various educational committees in the area.

All that are mentioned are problems related to parents and community:  most parents are workers with less time to care for their children;  insufficient people and parents’ participation; policy on education for all that forces schools to shoulder migrant students who are disadvantaged resulting in a greater burden for teachers and schools, etc.

H However, the Permanent Secretary for Education will have to listen to further suggestions at the next seminar next month before submitting its final road map for educational reform to NCPO.

Actually, what do you think are the major issues for Thailand’s educational reform ?

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