About me

I am proud of my privilege to join the UN to oversee the election of members of the Constituent Assembly in Namibia in 1982 not only because I had a chance to take part in the process of the building of a nation but also because I had an opportunity of development through traveling.

I started my journey by flying with Cathay Pacific Airline (CX) from Bangkok to Delhi and then took a long flight with a Tanzanian airline from there to Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. After spending a night in a secondary school dormitory experiencing the change from humidity to dry weather that affected our throats we were transported by a military aircraft to Ovambo land to stay at a teacher training college for a short training course for our mission before separating to work at different polling stations.

My colleagues and I experienced a transitional period into democracy on a foreign soil and learned a lot about traveling and development.

After the mission we went to Walvis Bay, which is a tourist attraction region, and Swakopmund, another tourist destination in Namibia, for a short R&R before returning to Thailand.


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