Participation in Educational Reform

The most important stakeholders in educational reform under the present government are teachers and educational personnel in all of the apparatus in the ministry.This group of personnel is as big a number as 0.6 million persons.Therefore, this government has,since the starting point of its reform, put more emphasis on improving their living standard to increase the motivation of this important driving force.

The first step in this motivation enhancement process is to raise the salary of the group, especially the lowest echelon of the present personnel. Everyone of the group will automatically be qualified for one echelon of increment to their present salary. 139,580 teachers and educational personnel are entitle to receive the benefit from this measure .

But, theoretically speaking, motivation involves every member and individual in the organization. All the members must understand that the strong motivation of his colleagues is also IMG_8152[1]
their own responsibility.
In order to raise our personnel’s motivation, therefore, the following measures should be effectively implemented.

1.The management must be enthusiastic with its own works.

2.The management have to communicate clearly, both personally and officially, with members about plans and projects of the organization which will effect the personnel in the organization.

3.You must involve members to participate in any discussions on the reform and welcome creative criticism and pass on them to the higher management.

4.Find an appropriate chance to compliment any achievement publicly.

5.Give on going feed back on personnel performances.

6.Do not wait until 100% success before praising.

Taking the principles of management excellence into account I would like very much for the Ministry to include these measures in the present educational reform.


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