what you call it and where it lives: your custom domain or what?

To make sure your blog fits your personal brand and style you have to host your blog on a custom domain , so that you can give it any URL you choose.
To make that process even easier we’re integrating Blogger directly with Google Domains.

This integration allows you to purchase a custom domain for your blog right from Blogger with just a few clicks.

If your blog is itching for a new home, you can grab one via Google Domains by popping open Blogger and heading to the Publishing section of your blog’s Settings tab.

Register the name of your blog with Blogger via Google Domains and then publish your blogs via a host.You have got to have a professional host to host your blogs. A blog must have a name or a domain name that matches the stories you tell on your blog!
A customer domain is a product to buy.

Please tell me if I am right?
And please be more customers focused!


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