An Open-list Electoral System for Party – list MPs.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and his Cabinet have proposed four major changes to the newly draft constitution: the open-list electoral system for party – list MPs, the picking of senators and some aspects of reform and reconciliation.

The Cabinet has said it wants to abolish Article 105 which stipulates an open- list system for party – list MPs.Cabinet also suggested that the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) reconsider introducing a mixed -member proportional electoral system used under the 2007 Charter.

The Cabinet is also opposing Article 130, which allows profiles of ministerial candidates to be scrutinized by senators and Article 147, which stipulates that no less than 40 senators can propose bills.

มือสะอาด ชาติไม่ล่ม

It also said Articles  282 to 296 on reform mechanisms and strategy should be removed because the framework for them was already written in Article 279, which call for the setup of a national reform strategy committee and a national reform assembly.

The Prime Minister has expressed his view on the draft constitution mentioning the new constitution should reflect Thailand historical and cultural factors in order to offer a way out in case crises arise in the future. He also mentioned the charter should not be too long and its articles practical.

The CDC has to reconsider the draft charter before further actions. From now on there will be more activities to ensure the reform really render greater benefit to the nation as a whole.It will take a longer time before the political arena to focus more on the opportunity for the constitution referendum. Why?

Because we have not yet arrived at the first step where we can climb up to the second one.


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