Latest Educational Reform In The Regional Administration Of Thailand

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), on April 3, 2017,  issued the Order No.19/2560 to begin the second round of educational reform in all the provinces of Thailand, including the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA). Under the reform, each of the Provincial Education Office (PEO) has the following authorities and duties: (สำนักงานศึกษาธิการจังหวัดมี่อำนาจหน้าที่ดังต่อไปนี้)
1. To carry out the MOE’s missions in educational administration in the province in accord with related laws; 2.To take charge of the educational activities that are empowered to the provincial education office (PEO), keeping in mind policies, strategies of all concerning agencies that delegate authorities and powers to the PEO.

The NCPO empowers the PEO with the following powers and duties:

1. 1 To take charge of auxiliary and ancillary works of the provincial education committee (PEC, and education sub-committees (PESC);

1.2. To formulate educational development  plans and action plans;

1.3. To direct, control, monitor, supervise, inspect, and  evaluate the performance of the educational agencies under the MOE in line with policies laid down by the ministry;

1.4. To design, promote and coordinate digital information technological system for education;

1.5. To promote and support educational administration for the handicap, the underprivileged, and the gifted;

1.6. To take charge of personnel management of teachers and other educational personnel;

1.7. To promote and support the management of academic  affairs, to supervise activities and counselling of all subject areas, and at all level of educational administration in the province;

1.8. To monitor the administrative activities, financial and accounting practices to ensure transparency and accountability of all educational entities;

1.9. To promote and coordinate religious activities, arts, culture, and sport for education;

1.10. To help, support, and  manage the private sector’s  educational administration;

1.11. To carry out other tasks related to the MOE policies, and tasks which are assigned and delegated by the MOE to the PEO. This duty includes the routine works of the ministry and other coordinating activities in
the province.

It is important to remember that above the PEO there are 3 echelons of administrative bodies and they are, from the top most downwards, as follows:
1. The Committee on the Implementation of the Educational Reform at the Regional level, which is at the Ministry of Education.The Minister of Education is the chairperson of this committee;
2. The Regional Education Offices in 18 Regions. Each of them  is under the Regional Education Officer;
3. The Committee for the Provincial Education chaired by the Provincial Governor or an assigned Assistant Governor.

It all starts with education. Therefore, we are looking forwards to seeing the real education reform in Thailand soon !!!


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