National Education Plan 2017-2036

Thai Government has recently issued its 20-year national education plan(2017-2036).It’s vision, strategies and goals are below.

Ideological Framework for the National Education Plan of Thailand

Vision: All Thais must be able to receive a high quality of education and life-long learning.They must be able to lead a happy life in line with the principle of self-sufficiency economy and changes in the 21 st century world.

There are 6 strategies to realise the vision.

1.Educational Administration for social security;

2.Production and development of human resource for a better competitive advantage;

3.Potential development for all age  population and the building of a learning society;

4.Creating opportunities, equality, and educational egality;

5.Education for quality of life, and for sustainable development;

6.Enhancement of the effectiveness of educational administration.

5 Goals of the 6 strategies are Greater access to education for all; Ensuring of educational equity; Better quality of education; Educational Efficiency; Relevancy of education in the changing world.

For more details please click the link below.

แผนการศึกษาแห่งชาติ National Education Plan


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